Nokia OVI Store v2.08.042 – neue Funktionen wie App Updates für Symbian^3

Laut einer Meldung im Ovi Blog bekommt der Ovi Store für Symbian^3 Geräte ein Update auf Version 2.8 wonach es dann möglich ist Updates für bereits installierte Apps aus dem Store zu bekommen und noch ein paar Neuerungen mehr.

Weiter soll auch die Versionsnummer bei Apps angezeigt werden, Alternative Apps vorgeschlagen werden und die jeweiligen Top-Free und Paid Apps angezeigt werden:

App Updates
Users of S^3 devices will be able to review and apply updates to apps they’ve downloaded for Store. Ovi Publish is also enabling the following features: extraction of version numbers automatically and exporting to the clients.

After updating to Store 2.8, when the user launches the Store client and signs in, the client automatically checks if any of their downloaded apps have an update available.  If there are updates, the user will see a green flag in the corner of your screen by your “Account” tab.  Touching the flag will take the user to his account page where he can choose to update “All” or select individual apps.

This is one of the most requested features for Ovi Store.  You will experience better engagement with your audience as you deliver new features, enhancements and fixes. Users who downloaded an app from the Store will be notified of the updates and can download them for free. It increases the lifetime of the applications, creates an ongoing relationship between developer and user, and increases the opportunity for the app’s success.

When you publish a new version of your app, be sure to check the publisher guide for the recommended version format and how to provide release notes about the update, which will be visible to consumers.

This feature will be rolled out initially to S^3 devices next week. App update functionality for other device family clients will be rolled out continually thereafter.

Top Free and Best Sellers
With this release, we have also tweaked our algorithm for delivering Top Free and Best Sellers to make app and game listings more relevant for consumers.  In particular, we refined our inputs and made the algorithm more precise so that the Store displays an exact representation of what is “Top” or “Best” by country and by device.

For instance, if a game is wildly popular and heavily used on an E72 device, it will not affect the rankings on an N8 device if the game is not also equally popular.  The same applies for country-based variation.  This will result in more relevant content selections and rankings, and in many cases, improve the discoverability of local applications.  This feature is available across all device families, .com and .mobi sites.

Related Items
Finding great apps and games is easier than ever.  On the desktop, (the .com site) we added a new algorithm to serve up related items to users. The algorithm will improve discovery and increase conversions by showing more relevant options for the user.

You’ll find related items along with the message, “Users who downloaded Crazy Penguin Party also downloaded:” If your app is too new or doesn’t have enough data, the user may not see this feature.  But otherwise, the user will receive solid recommendations.“








*** Update ***

Das Update auf den OVI Store v2.08.042 ist ab sofort global verfügbar.

Einfach den Store im Handy öffnen und das Update sollte installiert werden.


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Peter W.