Archos 80/101 G9 – Firmware Update auf Version 3.2.46 ab sofort verfügbar

Noch gar nicht so richtig auf dem Market sind die beiden Archos 80/101 G9 Android Tablets und schon liefert Archos ein 160 MB großes Firmwareupdate für beide Modelle auf die Version 3.2.46. Das Firmware Update ist ab sofort über die Support Seite von Archos, inkl. einer Anleitung zum installieren, erhältlich. Der Changelog ist recht umfangreich ausgefallen und leider nur auf Englisch verfügbar.


  • Google applications: Google talk is now part of the firmware
  • Audio/applications: improved volume control (better volume range, less glitches on notifications) leading to faster gaming experience on some 3rd party applications
  • Wi-Fi: fix low throughput on some access points when using WPA2/AES encryption
  • Camera: improve camera quality in high and low light condition
  • Flash: added acceleration support
  • Archos applications: many enhancements and fixes on Videoplayer, MediaCenter and Mediascrapper
  • Media center: new elastic and overshoot effect on cover roll edges
  • File Browser: better action support on multiple selections
  • Media Scrapper: better handling and cleaning of data base in case of file removal
  • Photo Frame: Floating Image 3.1.9 is integrated with fixed Picasa support, better background rendering and better memory management
  • Music player: better protection of music player to avoid to get it killed under low memory condition
  • Display: better quality SD video upscaling (e.g. on 1080p display)
  • Video: improve SMI subtitle support
  • Internationalization: Arabic and Hebrew translations have been integrated and a new specific „Archos keyboard“ application has been included for supporting Hebrew and Arabic
  • Network shares: shortcuts can be created by long press on a remote video folder in Archos media center
  • Network shares: more robust streaming in case of IP renewal
  • Memory: smaller memory footprint
  • 3G key: updated APN list
  • Power off: make sure to clear all alarms when powering off
  • Hard drive based unit: enhanced power management
  • Security: apply security fixes from google about DigiNotar CA certificate

Link zum Download:


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Peter W.