Nokia Suite 3.2.64 Beta verfügbar

Mit dem Update auf die Version 3.2.64 lässt Nokia den Begriff Ovi auch bei dieser Software entfallen, so das diese ab sofort nur noch Nokia Suite heißt. Außer einem neuen Icon hat die Suite auch gleich einen komplett neuen Look verpasst bekommen. Ansonsten gab es etliche Bugfixes mit auf den Weg.


  • Nokia Ovi Suite is now called Nokia Suite
  • The application has a refreshed look and feel
  • The new Support view offers info and help with using Nokia Suite and your phone
  • The Support view helps make sure you have enough free space on your phone
  • The improved sync log shows you what has changed during syncing
  • Software updates for your phone software and phone applications run now more reliably
  • You might also notice, that Nokia Suite doesn’t anymore run MPlatform.exe process – we’ve removed that from our architecture. You’ll MPlatform.exe still running, if you have Nokia Ovi Player installed into same PC
  • Of course, new Nokia Suite 3.2 contains lots more new stuff, huge amount of different errors have been corrected and also many crash issues have been resolved

Download: Nokia Suite 3.2.64 Beta







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Peter W.