Kingmax bringt die Erste 64 GB microSD Karte auf den Markt

Jeder kennt den Satz, das man nie genug Speicher haben kann. Das trifft mittlerweile auch bei den Handys bzw. Smartphones zu. Viele werden jetzt sagen, wozu man 64 GB Speicher braucht, aber wer hat vor 2 Jahren an Dual-Core Prozessoren in einem Handy gedacht oder 1 GB RAM…

Und so ist es eben auch mit den Speicherkarten. Gerade sind die 32 GB microSD Speicherkarten in bezahlbare Regionen vorgerückt (aktuell um die 50 €), da stellt KingMax seine 64 GB vor.

Ausgeführt als Class 6, also mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 48 Mbit/s oder einfacher ausgedrückt 6 MB/s und der aktuellen Spezifikation SD 3.0.

Leider kommt bei dieser Karte nicht das übliche SDHC zum Einsatz, sondern SDXC (SD eXtended Capacity), welche Karten bis 2 TB erlaubt. Die Geschwindigkeit erhöht sich dabei auf 104 MB/s, in Zukunft sind sogar bis 300 MB/s geplant.

Ihr glaubt, das ist aberwitzig und braucht kein Mensch?

Dann sprechen wir uns noch mal in 2 Jahren 😉

Leider gibt KingMax keinen Preis an, aber er wird aktuell wohl jenseits der 200 € Marke liegen…


KINGMAX Unveils World’s Largest Capacity 64GB Micro SD Card:
Wide Application , Perfect for High-End Mobile Devices

KINGMAX has implemented the 9 Stacked Die technology for this Class 6 micro SD card. It complies with the latest SD3.0 and Class 6 specifications but is also compatible with SD Card Association’s SD2.0 specification. Although it comes in a compact size, it definitely satisfies consumer‘ needs for massive multimedia data storage. Simply plug the micro SD card into mobile devices and one can instantly enjoy the convenience of memory expansion. Whether it is high-resolution or video clips, photos, mp3 files, mobile games or multimedia downloads; the 64GB micro SD card makes entertainment on-the-go possible. Moreover, with the help of an adapter, KINGMAX’s micro SD card can also be used as a SD card or USB flash drives. With its wide ranging applications from digital cameras, multimedia players, PCs, PDAs, card readers to printers, this multi-purpose tiny memory card is definitely a great value buy!

KINGMAX’s micro SD card has a built in Error Correction Code (ECC) which acts through controller to auto detects and reconstructs lost data during transmission to ensure reliable data transfer. In addition, micro SD comes with Wear leveling algorithm function which allocates all the information into different areas in the memory card to increase each area’s average usage and helps to maximize product lifetime. From multimedia files, address book, business applications to personal data, KINGMAX’s mega-capacity 64GB micro SD card makes files storage fast and easy; enabling consumers to enjoy quality and convenient on-the-go experience.

All of KINGMAX’s micro SD cards have been approved by various safety and environmental standards including CE, FCC, and RoHS; they have also been certified compatible with major OS. KINGMAX is proud to say all of its products are subjected to the most stringent quality control; all products go through rigorous testing to ensure product quality. And finally, all microSD products come with lifetime warranty to provide 100% satisfaction guarantee to customers

Product Feature:
‧High compatibility & reliability
‧Ultra fast transfer rate
‧plug and play

Product specifications:
‧Dimension:15 mm x11 mm x1.0mm
‧Wear leveling algorithm to maximize product lifetime
‧Built-in Error Correction Code that auto corrects data
‧Energy efficient, extends mobile devices‘ battery lifetime“


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